24, 2016

Animal Jam Secret Glitch Founded!

Animal Jam news! What this short video to find out what the new Fancy Table can do!Putting Green? What? I think it’s called a golf thing… Not ‘Putting Green’ but… Whatever. Animal Jam is sure going out of style with these.A skateboard? A gold bag? Summer is coming soon, get ready to play lots of sports when it comes warm!Wow, AJ sure went fancy with these new… TUTU’s? Yep that’s right, I said Tutu’s. Turn into a ballerina by heading to Jamaa’s clothing shop and buying this Tutu! No way! AJHQ finally listened to us, and added more den slots! Everyone now has 20 den slots! Head over to the Solar Arcade, get gems and buy every den there is!Remember to keep going to the “April Fools Party” to make sure your not missing out on all the fun new silly clothing! The party won’t stay for long!National Geographic Bee? I bet you were wondering what that is! Every year, some of the brightest young minds in America (Canada, U.S.A) compete in the National Geographic Bee, a Geography like no other! In honor of the GeoBee, you can visit The Temple of Trivia, test your knowledge of the world around you with special Geography questions, and earn double gems! Giraffes… are…. coming… back! OMIGOD!

The wait was long Jammers, but giraffes are finally soon done traveling! 😀 Soon, you can buy these wonderful creatures again for 1000 gems!So outta style! LOLOL! Say hello to the brand new… MYSTICAL ARMOR!animal jam dolphin Easter egg hunt! The Easter egg hunt it back Jammers, with a new prize! A diamond egg! Let me help you with the hunt! Tip : There are 8 eggs hidden in the land of Jamaa, Each in a different place!Love the Solar Arcade? Well now you can live in it! Buy the NEW Solar Arcade den for five diamonds in the diamond shop!Omigod! Pet eagles… ARE HERE! Fly across the land of Jamaa as in eagle with a little eagle friend!New PLSUHIES!? Turns out, the beta days are coming back, after quite a few messages sent to AJHQ, saying to bring back the happy beta days!Lion plushies are back, and try to win the new plushies, arctic wolves, leopards, eagles, kangaroos and more!Apparently AJHQ finally looked at what house fences look like, and made some! Phew, no more farm fences for my den.Pick up your own…. Picket Fence at Jamaa’s den item shop! Also, did you hear the great news? Summer is coming! Time to ride the waves with the new Surf Board sold at Jamaa’s den item shop too!Pandas’ are leaving March 20th? 🙁 Though, don’t worry! they’ll come back, you just won’t be able to ‘make’ new ones 🙂

CLUB PENGUIN 13Pet seahorses are now available for all Jammers :OA new ‘Greely’? A new adventure? :OA new adventure! The wait is over guys, the new adventure “The Search For Greely” is here! Turns out, Greely is not dead! He has been captured by the phantoms! He needs your help! Head over to the Adventure Base Camp, find the new adventure and start playing at level 4!The new shop is here! But sadly, only for eagles. Fly over to the shop at the very top of Coral Canyons. Can’t? Ask a friend with an eagle to fly away and buy/show you some of the wonderful unique items that are for sale in the Jamaas’ newest shop!It’s been a long wait, but they’re finally here! Now you can buy an eagle in the Diamond Shop for ten Diamonds!You can also get diamonds and gems codes with animal jam membership codes. Have you heard the rumour? Owls, a wonderful feathered animal will soon be flying into Jamaa! Also, have you heard that headdresses may come out!? (Non rare headdresses) We don’t know when they’ll come, so keep a look out for them in the Jam-Mart Clothing Store!

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